About Mike Ratel

My name is Mike Ratel and like many I built and flew model rockets as an adolescent and have returned to the hobby as an adult. I started building a model trolley layout and would make trips to my local hobby to pick up supplies. During my trips I would pass by the Estes rockets and wax nostalgic over the the days of my youth in Miami in the 1970s where I would fly model rockets. I concluded that I did not have time for model rockets and walked passed them.  Things would change on a chance visit to a thrift store when I saw a Estes starter kit brand new in the box for $8. After buying it a week later I was at the same hobby shop picking up a few kits and some motors. In March 2016 I joined the NARHAMS model rocket club in Maryland and bought a few more kits. A couple of years after buying the launch kit it still remained new in the package.  In February 2017 I joined the NOVAARS rocket club in Virginia and I plan on joining the MDRA club also in Maryland.